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WWDSE was established by government proclamation in 1998 G.C to enhance the effort being made in realizing the potential use of the water resources of the country to improve the socioeconomic development of the society...


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 Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise, with prime motive to play a key role in water resource investigation, development and utilization agenda of the Nation, has been involved in different projects that incorporates the three major and crucial interventions such as study, design and construction supervision.

The Enterprise has depicted its core competency in its consultancy business as a result of integration of the specialized services such as full flagged Laboratory Testing, Surveying, GIS and AutoCAD Service as well as geotechnical investigation works in its project execution.

The retrospective performance of the Enterprise specifically depict that the company has gained a good reputation and acceptance in its business endeavor which in fact has triggered and is expected to attract more customers for similar services.

Such a trend seems to have implicated WWDSE as Enterprise to pause and critically examine its capacity against the overwhelming demand for the study, design and supervision project.

This inward looking as well as scanning the external environment will also help the Enterprise withstand the fierce competition it may encounter from competitors.

Such challenges would only be mitigated if the Enterprise becomes more customer oriented and exceed others in terms of quality of its services.

Various efforts have been made by the Enterprise to transform itself and be more efficient and effective, better than today, in the various business interventions so as to presume and maintain a significant market niche.

One among those measures that is considered is to make the built in system and pertinent structure more customers focused as this is critical to the very existence of the Enterprise.

It is with such intention that the Enterprise has been in transformational studies since September 2007.

One among the various transformation initiatives undertaken is the business process re-engineering project.

This project has enabled the Enterprise to critically examine the inherent processes and practices and pave the way for designing new processes that in nut shell alleviate the noticed gaps and lead to customer satisfaction.

As a result of the redesign effort, design of appropriate structure that in effect shoulder the new processes proposed has become crucial.

This report concentrates on process based structure that is a derivative of the redesigned core and support processes.

The organizational study made has preferred process based structure as this in particular is more convenient to address and meet the growing challenge posed by the dynamic environment.

The report incorporates different parts, the first of which captures: conceptual and practical overview of process based organizational structure, situation analysis, the analysis on organizational structure in relation to purpose, the relation between and within processes horizontally and vertically (hierarchically), the design of workable organization structure to the company and process descriptions of the proposed processes.

Finally, it deals with identification of jobs and the corresponding manning requirements, i.e., the number of staff required for each job title are determined and presented.

Objective of the Study

The overall objective of the study is to design appropriate process based structure, measurement system and construct competitive payment scheme that would in effect enable the Enterprise respond timely, transparently, flexibly and productively to the customer request.

Overall Scope of the study

The study to be carried out focuses on the following four major parts;

Design appropriate process based structure and propose pertinent staffing plan

Construct competitive salary scale

Design appropriate incentive scheme that would in effect enable the staffs of the enterprise arrive at the stated/ implied needs and expectations of enterprise

Propose realistic measurement system

Specific Scope of the Study

This study, in effect this report, mainly concentrates on the following details;
Designing process based/ customer focused structure
Preparation of the specific duties and responsibilities of the different processes and sub processes
Describing the specific job titles within the respective process units
Propose staffing requirement of the respective process unit

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