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WWDSE was established by government proclamation in 1998 G.C to enhance the effort being made in realizing the potential use of the water resources of the country to improve the socioeconomic development of the society...


Geophysical, Geo-technical And Hydro-geological Investigation Services

Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigation: the former deals with characterization of ground condition for foundation of different structure like dams, tunnels, buildings, roads ...etc and assessment of construction materials; while the latter focuses on prediction of underground condition and its behavior by means of direct and indirect methods.

Geo-technical Investigation Services Includes:

  • Core drilling in all Geological formation
  • Permeability test:-
  • Packer Test
  • Constant and Falling Heads test
  • Standard penetration test (SPT)
  • Installation of Piezometers
  • Core photographing
  • Ground water level measurement
  • Rock core sampling
  • Undisturbed Soil Sampling
  • Logging


KMB 1.4 Core Drilling RigDrilling
Capacity more than 750 meter


KMB 0.4 Core Drilling Rig Drilling Capacity
more than 200 meter


Truck Mounted Crealius D900 Core Drilling
RigDrilling Capacity more than 175 meter

Geophysical Survey Includes:

  • Seismic Refraction
  • TEM (Transient Electro Magnetics)
  • VES (Vertical Electrical Sounding Survey)
  • Magnetic Survey
  • Electrical Tomography


TEM (Transient Electromagnetic Method


TEM (Transient Electromagnetic Method)

Hydro-geological Investigation Services






Pumping Test




Artesian Well


Pumping Test


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