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WWDSE was established by government proclamation in 1998 G.C to enhance the effort being made in realizing the potential use of the water resources of the country to improve the socioeconomic development of the society...


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Water Quality Control Laboratory

Which engaged in testing water parameters that confirms the suitability of water for drinking, industrial, irrigation, fishery,construction and others purpose.

parameters to be determined in this laboratory are:

Physical Analysis (Colour, Turbidity, TDS, Total solid, Sedimentation etc Chemical Analysis (Major cations and Anions, Heavy Metals, BOD, COD)

Bacteriological Analysis (Total Coliforms and Faecal Coliforms)


Bacteriological Test


heavy Metal Analysis

Soil Fertility Laboratory

Which engaged in testing soil parameters related to Agriculture which confirms the suitability of soil for each crop types in accordance of physical and characteristice.

Parameters to be determined in this laboratory are:

physical Analysis (Bulk Density, Specific Gravity, Texture, Porosity moisture at PMP & FC,etc.

Chemical Analysis (PH, Salinity, CEC, Exch Bases, nitrogen, Phosphorus, Organic matter, Gypsum, Micronutrient, Soluble salts, Calcium carbonate, Toxicity etc.


Total Nitrogen Pressure


Membrane Extractor

Soil Mechanics (material Testing) Laboratory

Which engaged in testing soil parameters related to engineering purpose such as construction, road and foundations.

Parameters to be determined in this laboratory are:

physical Analysis (Grain size Analysis, Atteburg Traxial consolidation, Permeability, Direct shear, Despersion, Losangels Abrasion, Impact Value, Free swell, Sewlling Pressure, Specific Gravity, Consistency and setting time of Cement, point load, Soundness etc.


Relative Density


Tri-axial Soil Testing

This service is one of the most important working units that produce maps for all water related Projects based on Satellite Imagery, Arial Photograph, EMA (Ethiopian Mapping Agency), Base Map and Ground Surveying undertaken. It also provides CAD and GIS services, which will be an input for further detail engineering design study. In addition, the unit supervises implementation of Projects to construct all designed structures as per their working drawings.

The unit delivers the service both for the in-house Projects and external customers.

The service is equipped with modern soft wares and instruments such as Fixed GPS, Total Station, Digitizer, Electronic and manual Theodolihts...etc

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