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WWDSE was established by government proclamation in 1998 G.C to enhance the effort being made in realizing the potential use of the water resources of the country to improve the socioeconomic development of the society...


Laboratory Service for Water Quality, Soil Fertility and Material Testing

Laboratory Service of the Enterprise comprises three different sections that are specialized in Water Quality Test, Soil Fertility (including plant analysis), & Material Testing (Soil & Rock Mechanics, Concrete).

All units are complete with modern equipments that provides precise scientific results.

The system installed to keep the calibration of instruments and standardization of chemicals in effect provides reliable test results.

The Laboratory is supported by well trained and experienced professional technicians that are trusted to be the strongest arm for the production of quality test results.

All sample tastes are made in accordance to the required standards and norms.

In this regard, the laboratory utilize international standards and validated methods set by world health organization (WHO), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), American Society of Testing Method (ASTM) and British Standard (BS).

International guideline and standards are thoroughly followed up in the operation with the understanding of the fact that the conclusion made by the experts based on the test results is crucial to determine the fate of investments.

Water Quality Testing Laboratory: This section is entirely engaged in water quality testing that determines whether the water is suitable or not for drinking, industrial purpose, irrigation, fishery, construction and so on...

Parameters to be determined in this service are:

  • Physical Analysis (Colour, Turbidity, TDS, Total Solid, Sedimentation etc )
  • Chemical Analysis (Major Cations and Anions, Heavy Metals, BOD, COD)
  • Bacteriological Analysis (Total Coliforms and Faecal Coliforms)


Sample Measuring


Heavy Metal Analysis


Volumetric Analysis


Bacteriological Test

Soil Fertility Testing Laboratory: Tests conducted in this section focuses on fertility of soil for agriculture purpose.

These tests attribute a scientific remedy for a given soil sample.

The output of the test indicates whether the soil is suitable for a cultivation of an intended crops or proposing crops type in accordance to its physical and chemical characteristics

Parameters to be determined in this service are:

  1. Physical Analysis (Bulk Density, Specific Gravity, Texture, Porosity Moisture at PMP and FC, etc)
  2. Chemical Analysis (PH, Salinity, CEC, Exchange bases, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Organic matter, Gypsum, Micronutrient, Soluble salts, Calcium carbonate, Toxicity etc)


Nitrogen Test


Pressure Membrane Extractor


Deionization of Water



Material Testing Laboratory: This section undertakes soil mechanics, rock mechanics and concrete testing for the purpose of foundation investigation for any structures (dam, weir, bridge, buildings etc) and construction material suitability.

Parameters to be determined in this service are:

Soil Mechanics Test

Grain size Analysis, Atterberg Limits, Direct Shear Test, Permeability (Constant and Falling Head), Consolidation, Tri-axial, dispersion by pinhole, (Crumb) double hydrometer methods etc.

Rock Mechanics Test

UCS, Point Load, Los Angeles Abrasion, Water Absorption, Unite Weight (Specific Gravity, Porosity), Void Ratio etc.

Concrete Testing

Specific Gravity /Unit Weight, Unconfined Compression Test, Mix Design, Soundness etc


Core Cutter Machine


Relative Density Test


Los Angeles Abrasion Test


Consistency and Setting Time Test

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