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WWDSE was established by government proclamation in 1998 G.C to enhance the effort being made in realizing the potential use of the water resources of the country to improve the socioeconomic development of the society...


Material Testing Laboratory

 Material Testing Laboratory


Core Cutter Machine


Fineness of Cement Test


Relative Density Test


Los Angeles Abrasion Test

Parameters to be determined in this service are:

Soil Mechanics Test

Grain size Analysis, Atterberg Limits, Direct Shear Test, Permeability (Constant and Falling Head), Consolidation, Tri-axial, dispersion by pinhole, (Crumb) double hydrometer methods etc.

Rock Mechanics Test

UCS, Point Load, Los Angeles Abrasion, Water Absorption, Unite Weight (Specific Gravity, Porosity), Void Ratio etc.

Concrete Testing

Specific Gravity /Unit Weight, Unconfined Compression Test, Mix Design, Soundness etc

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