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WWDSE was established by government proclamation in 1998 G.C to enhance the effort being made in realizing the potential use of the water resources of the country to improve the socioeconomic development of the society...


Topography Surveying Service


Topography surveying is one of the most important working units in WWDSE that produce maps for all water related projects based on Satellite Imagery, Arial Photograph, EMA (Ethiopian Mapping Agency) Base Map and Ground Surveying undertaken.

Topography Surveys made to determine the configuration of points (Places) on the earth's surface by measuring horizontal distances, differences in elevation and directions. Basically topography surveying is used for producing topographic maps and constructing topographic (cross- sectional) Profiles. these topographic maps give the locations of places (observable features) and it serve as base maps

Uses of Topographic Maps

Topographic maps are used by a variety of professions from engineers, architects, foresters, geologists, etc

The most common use of topographic maps is in planning stages of projects to help design the layout and location of buildings, roads, dams, pipelines, landscapes, fire control routes, trails, etc





Surveying works for Hydropower Irrigation Water Supply Towen Plan Road Bathometric Dam Building etc

GPS Survey : -

Static & Kinematic GPS Surveying Using Leica Tc 1200 GX1230 Reviver & GX 1230 (base) dual Frequency GPS units.

Topographic / Land Survey : -

Using total Station & GPS for Small & Large Site Project Area

Rout Survey : -

Strip Survey along canals, Roads Pipe Lines and Other Corridors 

Bathymetric Hydrographic Survey : -

Measuring depths of Lake & Reservior by using digital echosounder

As - built Survey : -

Surveying the building plans, Dam & Irrigation Structures etc during & After


Condition Survey : -

An assessment of Dam, Irrigation, Pipe Line, Drainage, Building structural or any property feature which identify deficiencies and Maintenance issues.

Check Survey : -

We can Carry out check surveying at Various stages of construction, as an independent check if Required,

Leveling : -

The traditional differential Leveling using digital Level equipment (Irrigation Area & any Structure Site)

Establishment of Geodetic Control : -

Higher order geodetic Control network using GPS

Construction Layout : -

Transfer controls & Transfer Marks from drawing to the Site

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